Travalyst: A Sustainable Tourism Initiative
Telling the Story through voice-over led animation and industry-leader interviews

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Voice-Over Led Animation: Bringing Clarity to the Vision: 

Voice-over led animation is a powerful tool when it comes to conveying complex ideas in an engaging and visually appealing manner. Travalyst recognized the potential of animation to simplify their intricate mission. Through visually captivating graphics and a well-crafted narrative, these animations broke down the sustainable tourism initiative’s core principles. From promoting eco-conscious travel practices to fostering local community engagement, the animations embody Travalyst’s commitment to a greener, more responsible travel industry.


In today’s fast-paced world, where sustainable tourism is a pressing concern, Travalyst, Prince Harry’s visionary initiative, is offering a way to transform travel. At the intersection of responsible travel and innovation, Travalyst is a coalition of some of the biggest names in the industry. When Travalyst and their agency Mundi & Co came to Flow Films, they sought a compelling way to communicate their brand’s mission and values. Our solution? Two impactful explainer videos for the homepage, combining a rich and enticing voice-over with bespoke animation and industry leader sound bites into a short and concise visual story. Let’s delve into the journey of how Travalyst’s story was brought to life through this dynamic approach.

Bespoke animation with travel symbols surrounding Travalyst logo to demonstrate collaboration
Travalyst collaborators at launch


The Collaborative Effort:

This project was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Travalyst, Mundi & Co, and Flow Films – the creative minds behind the scripts, animations, interviews, and destination videos. Together, we crafted a compelling narrative that encapsulated Travalyst’s mission and vision.


Executive Interviews: The Human Touch

While animation conveyed the nuts and bolts of Travalyst’s mission, the initiative also understood the importance of humanizing their cause. That’s where industry leader interviews came into play. By featuring key figures within Travalyst, such as Prince Harry himself and other thought leaders, these interviews added a human touch to the narrative. Audiences could now connect on a personal level with the global faces behind the initiative, understanding their passion and dedication towards sustainable tourism.



Destination Videos: A Glimpse of the Future

To further engage the audience and inspire wanderlust, we carefully curated and incorporated specific destination shots into the storytelling. These immersive videos showcased breathtaking locales around the world that could be preserved and cherished through responsible travel. From street markets to lush rainforests, the destination videos painted a vivid picture of what travelers could experience while making a positive impact on the planet.


In the digital age, where attention spans are short, conveying a complex message effectively is crucial. Flow’s solution to utilize voice-over led animation, industry leader interviews, and destination videos has allowed Travalyst to communicate their sustainable tourism initiative’s essence clearly and memorably. Through this innovative approach, they have captured the hearts and minds of both the travel industry and customers, inspiring a more responsible and conscious way of exploring our world. Travalyst’s show-piece explainer videos are a testament to the power of storytelling in driving positive change.