Capturing Creativity

Flow Films crafts unique artist portrait videos that are immersive journeys into the heart and mind of the artist, capturing their creative process, inspirations, and the essence of their work.

Artists we have been lucky enough to work with include Doug Aitken, Ben Eine, Ernesto Neto, Yayoi Kusama, Flora Yukhnovich, Andreas Gursky, Maria Nepomuceno, Richard Ikhide, Tainan Cabral, Hugo França and many more.




What sets Flow Films apart is the ability to blend cinematic storytelling with an intimate exploration of the artist’s world. The authenticity and richness of the content contribute to a more profound appreciation of the artist’s work, fostering a connection that extends beyond the gallery walls. In an era where digital experiences are increasingly vital, Flow Films’ artist portrait videos offer a valuable asset scaleable across social media for galleries and arts organizations seeking toenrich their online presence and engage a broader audience.