How much will our video cost?

  • Number of filming days
  • Number of pre-production and post-production days
  • Geography of filming location(s)
  • The final duration of your edited video(s)
  • License fees for music or footage
  • Any additional production elements – e.g. voiceover artists, motion graphics, animation, actors, extra equipment hire, presenters, venue hire etc.

Video Subscription Packages

Our subscription packages offer several advantages, including cost-effectiveness through bulk purchasing, streamlined production processes, and the ability to maintain a regular presence on digital platforms. By committing to a subscription package, clients benefit from dedicated attention from the Flow Films team, ensuring that their video content aligns with their brand identity and marketing goals. With a predictable schedule of content creation, clients can focus on other aspects of their business while trusting Flow Films to deliver engaging and professional videos on time, every time.


£2,000 / Month

  • 2 videos per month (up to 60 seconds each)
  • 1 shoot day
  • Basic editing and post-production

Ideal for: Small businesses or startups looking to establish a digital presence with regular video content on social media platforms.


£4,000 / Month

  • 4 videos per month (up to 2 mins each)
  • 2 shoot days
  • Advanced editing and post-production
  • Basic graphics & animation
Ideal for: Growing businesses or established brands seeking to expand their video marketing efforts with more polished and engaging content for various online channels.


£8,000 / Month

  • 8 videos per months (up to 3 mins each)
  • 4 shoot days
  • High-end editing and post-production
  • Customized graphics and animations
  • Dedicated account manager and strategic consultation

Ideal for: Large corporations or businesses with extensive marketing budgets looking to produce top-tier video content for advertising campaigns, product launches, and brand storytelling initiatives.

Note: Initial 6 months contract. Additional services such as drone footage, voiceover narration, and extra location filming can be added to any package for an extra fee. Customized packages tailored to specific client needs are also available upon request. Prices may vary based on project complexity and duration. Included shoot days are UK, within 100 miles of Bristol.

Per-Video Pricing



  • Up to 2 Minutes Duration
  • 1 Shoot Day
  • 1 Social cut-down
  • Single Track Licensed Music
  • 2 Rounds of Changes
  • 1 Pre-Production Meeting
  • Drone/Gimbal
  • Basic Sound Mix
  • Basic Colour Grade
  • Basic Motion Graphics



  • Up to 5 Minutes Duration
  • Up to 3 Shoot Days
  • Up to 3 Social cut-downs
  • 2 – 3 Tracks Licensed Music
  • 3 Rounds of Changes
  • 2 Pre-Production Meetings
  • Drone/Gimbal
  • Pro Sound Mix
  • Pro Colour Grade
  • Pro Motion Graphics



  • Up to 10 Minutes Duration
  • Up to 5 Shoot Days
  • Up to 5 Social cut-downs
  • Unlimited Licensed Music Tracks
  • 4 Rounds of Changes
  • 3 Pre-Production Meetings
  • Drone/Gimbal
  • Premium Sound Mix
  • Premium Colour Grade
  • Premium Motion Graphics