Visual Storytelling Blog

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool that allows us to communicate our ideas in ways that capture the attention of today’s audience. It has the power to create vivid imagery and convey messages in a way that can’t be achieved by simply using words. Authentic and engaging stories are what sets us apart from other production companies.

Inside every brand, company, organisation, and individual there is a story waiting to be told. We have the tools, experience and skills to help find, craft and tell your story in the most powerful and memorable way possible, unlocking unseen value in the process. Here are some of the stories we are proud to have told. 

Too Black for TV

We used the microcosm of Brazil’s TV Carnival Queen suffering racism and her personal story to ask questions of the wider social issues of race representation in Brazilian media in general

Plane-Crazy Billy

To promote Virgin Atlantic’s £50 million refit of their fleet of 747 jets, we told the story of Sir Richard Branson’s 10 year old apprentice Billy Yeomans inspecting the planes. By cutting family archive together with interview and actuality, we created a warm and authentic personal story. 

Sugar Specs

Briefed to find a way of bringing to life little known uses of sugar cane in everyday Brazilian life to an English speaking audience, we created the story of a geeky developer on holiday with his girlfriend in Rio obsessed with testing out his new prototype ‘Sugar Specs’ which visually detect sugar cane when all his girlfriend wants to do is relax.


To capture the beauty of outdoor art institution Inhotim we fused ethereal music and with an intimate barefoot interview with visionary philanthropist Bernardo Paz whose deep voice narrates a journey through transformative nature and artworks. 


Brasilia Sunrise

Sunrise, Brasilia. Getting up at 5am on a chilly morning earlier this year was worth it for this sunrise by the Brazilian National Congress towers. I return to this location

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Maracana Sunset Aerial

Throwback to 2017 when we were filming aerials of the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro for Sky Sports. As a drone pilot and aerial cinematographer light is everything and

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