Artist Profile for ‘Medley’ exhibition launch

Flow Films crafts unique artist portrait videos that are immersive journeys into the heart and mind of the artist, capturing their creative process, inspirations, and the essence of their work.

To accompany the launch of solo virtual exhibition ‘Medley’ we produced a short documentary about Brazilian artist Tainan Cabral for the Victoria Miro Gallery in London. Shot in Senador Camará, a favela in Rio de Janeiro’s West Zone, we filmed the artist in his studio and on the streets of the area which provide the inspiration for his work.

Faithful to his roots

Born and bred in his community, Tainan takes inspiration from his everyday surroundings. From street party decorations to re-packaged desinfectant bottles, he has developed a unique colour palette based on his visual surroundings. 


Baile Funk

Every weekend a huge street party is thrown for the community residents. Tainan absorbs the carioca beats, textures and colours and translates them into hallucinatory chromatic paintings. Transitions between the Baile and Tainan’s work evidence the visual connection Tainan’s works make.

Audience Appeal

What sets Flow Films apart is the ability to blend cinematic storytelling with an intimate exploration of the artist’s world. The authenticity and richness of the content contribute to a more profound appreciation of the artist’s work, fostering a connection that extends beyond the gallery walls. In an era where digital experiences are increasingly vital, Flow Films’ artist portrait videos offer a valuable and transformative asset for galleries and arts organizations seeking to enrich their online presence and engage a broader audience.

Director:       Barney Lankester-Owen

Camera:       Pedro Prado

                     Igor Cabral

                     Filipe Cordon

Production:  Ludmila Curi

Driver:          Marcio Luiz Pimentel

Gallery:         Oliver Miro

                     Julia Oborne

                     Alessandra Modiano