Unveiling 'Acts of Creation'
A Glimpse into the World of Nigerian Artist Richard Ikhide

A Glimpse into Richard Ikhide’s World

Richard Ikhide’s artistic journey is one that resonates with every aspiring creator. His studio is not just a workspace; it’s a sanctuary where ideas come to life. “Acts of Creation” delves deep into this sacred space, offering viewers an intimate look at how he works, and his intention to ‘demystify the artistic process’ by showing musicians, sculptors, ceramicists and fine artists at work. 

Filmed to accompany the online exhibition launch of a new series of paintings by London-based Nigerian artist Richard Ikhide, our short video was produced for Vortic – the VR app for the art world.  In order to capture the intimacy of Richard at work in his studio, we opted for an unobtrusive handheld documentary style to capture the artist at work painting   “Acts of Creation”.


The Power of Cultural Narratives

As a Nigerian artist, Richard Ikhide’s work is deeply rooted in his culture and heritage. “Acts of Creation” subtly weaves in elements of Nigerian art and tradition, providing a rich context for his creations. This cultural infusion adds layers of meaning to his work, making it not just aesthetically pleasing but also intellectually stimulating. The film highlights the importance of preserving cultural narratives in art and encourages a broader appreciation of diversity in the art world.


“Acts of Creation” : The mini-documentary

Using techniques from documentary-style camera work to motion graphics demonstrating the paintings in context, we captured Richard Ikhide’s essence, turning his creative process into a work of art in its own right. The film’s cinematography and storytelling techniques elevate the experience, immersing us in the artist’s world.