Planting the seeds: Preparing the Forest Garden

As the sun began to set on our first night in Yorkshire, the clients whisked us away for a delicious meal at the Raithwaite Sandsend hotel. After dinner, we sat down with the agency and clients by the open fire to discuss best way to visually tell the story of the creation of the forest garden in the hotel grounds which was happening the following day.

The idea quickly took shape: a circular story that starts with planting seeds and ends with serving cocktails using the flowers and herbs produced in the garden —a perfect way to demonstrate the hotel’s credentials and passion for sustainable processes and locally sourced food. The idea was well-received and we got started on planning the shoot.

Ed Faulkner from Sapling planting a Juniper tree

The Visual Storytelling Concept

The video starts with hotel guests planting a sapling. Before long, the waiters and chefs will be harvesting fresh herbs and juniper berries right from the garden to use in their cocktails!

We think this concept will really resonate with our target audience: future guests of the hotel.  It’s visual, engaging and tells a story that connects with people on a personal level.

Capturing the Moment: Filming in the Forest Garden

Capturing the moment is key in visual storytelling projects, and at Raithwaite Sandsend it was no exception. We were able to film handheld documentary style footage of their forest garden of the owners and chefs planting seeds, which gave the project a really authentic feel. We also used interviews to narrate what was happening and time-lapse to show the planting progressing throughout the day.

The story of Raithwaite Sandsend is one of sustainability and environmental responsibility. From the sourcing of their ingredients to the sustainable processes they use in the kitchen, the owners are passionate about providing an authentic, sustainable luxury experience.The video you captured tells this story in a beautiful and engaging way. We are excited to share it with the world and show everyone the amazing things happening at Raithwaite Sandsend.