Billy the air prentice

Billy the air prentice

Flow was commissioned to make a short film about Sir Richard Branson’s 10 year old apprentice Billy Yeomans, who has been recruited to inspect the £50million refit of Virgin Atlantic’s fleet of 747 jets. The challenge was to capture Billy approving the aircraft in a fun and appealing way.

To bring Billy’s personality alive, Flow developed an introductory sequence cutting family archive together with Richard Branson’s mission statement. The main sequence of Billy testing out the plane’s new features is instigated by the sleek arrival of his limousine at the airport. The film was kept to under 3 minutes in duration so that it can be used across all social media channels.

Billy’s story and video received national and international press coverage.

Brand context

We used iconic images of local Yorkshire to evoke in the audience emotional associations with British Heritage, the British Countryside, and of course, British Summers.


To highlight the effectiveness of co-branding and partnership,  we visually demonstrated the impactful organic partnership between Raithwaite Sandsend and Sapling Spirits.

The Visual Storytelling concept

The video starts with hotel guests planting a sapling. Before long, the waiters and chefs will be harvesting fresh herbs and juniper berries right from the garden to use in their cocktails!

We think this concept will really resonate with our target audience: future guests of the hotel.  It’s visual, engaging and tells a story that connects with people on a personal level.